September 1, 2020

How to find the best paintless dent repair professional near you in Idaho Falls, ID.

As our vehicles start to age, we notice little dings and dents in different parts of the body. While some of these dings are too small to notice, there are dents that draw attention straight to that area of your vehicle. These eyesores will have you seeking how to find the best paintless dent repair professional near you in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

What causes dents in your vehicle?

There are several different things that could cause a dent in your vehicle that may or may not involve an accident. Outside of car accidents, these are the most common reasons for dents:

  • Shopping Carts in Parking Lots
  • Car doors pushed into your vehicle
  • Hail Storms
  • Fallen Tree Branches

Whether another driver carelessly opened their door to far or nature took its course on your vehicle, these dents can happen from a variety of things. That much force coming down on your vehicle causes the body to bend enough where you can see it. It can happen to the hood, a car door, or your bumper where it is really noticeable. Too many dents can also affect the value of your vehicle, especially if you are planning to sell or trade soon. Repairing these dents can be tricky because you only need to make repairs to that area of your vehicle.

How are these dents repaired?

The best option for having dent repaired is to find dent repair in your area. During this process, a certified technician uses a specialized tool to suction the dent and restore it back to its original place. This process is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals used in this process and it is quick and efficient. The process is successful when the appropriate pressure is applied by a professional with enough experience to remove the dent.

Assess The Damage

Before this process is applied to your vehicle, the damage will be assessed by the technician to determine the best route to take and how much pressure may need to be applied in order for this to work. As long as the paint is still on the dent, then dent repair can be used to repair the car.

Locating the Dent On The Backside

Depending on where the dent is located on your vehicle, the technician will need to access it on the backside. If it is on the bumper, they may need to go inside the trunk. If it is on the door, the interior door paneling may need to be removed temporarily so that the dent can be accessed for repair.

Repairing the Dent

After the dent has been assessed and located on both sides, it is time to apply pressure and repair the dent. The pressure must be applied slowly to the affected area to prevent damage to the exterior paint. In most cases, this can be a same-day service, with the dent repaired in a couple of hours. If you have multiple dents, however, that need to be repaired, this service could stretch into another day. Taking the time to find the dents and slowly apply the pressure is the longest parts of the entire process.

Is this something I can do?

Dent repair is not a DIY project for vehicle owners looking to cut corners. Especially for dents that are larger, the pressure and technique required are more precise to keep from peeling off paint from your vehicle. Those that are experienced and trained know how to properly remove the dent from your vehicle without removing paint and requiring a paint job for your vehicle.

How do I find dent repair specialists in my area?

If you are in need of having the best dent repair in your area, choose those that specialize in car detailing and maintaining the value of your vehicle. These technicians know their way around the body of a vehicle and what is needed to keep it looking like it was just driven off of the lot. If you are in the Idaho Falls area, the best paintless dent repair Idaho Falls Idaho is Everlasting Car Detail. Visit us online for more information about our services and schedule your appointment today.

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