April 29, 2021

Boat detailing near you in Idaho Falls, ID

As a means of water transport, boats form an essential part of our lives by enabling us to explore various parts of the world that are dear to us. However, as we sail to our destinations, contaminants from both water and air form on the surface and the interior parts of the boat, making it dirty. Now, this is where boat detailing comes in handy to solve the problem and make your boat look new all the time. Regular maintenance must be done to sustain your boat’s glory, which would mean fixing bimini tops, vinyl seats, and boat covers with waterproof protectant. The canvas isinglass should also be polished frequently to keep it clear and to prevent it from cracking and clouding. At, Everlasting, we understand your detailing needs and endeavor to give customers that new look they've always wanted on their boat. Below are important tips to keep in mind as your think through or take your boat for detailing services.

Important boat detailing tips

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of a boat, every owner must have some knowledge and skills to do it, and the following tips will be of great help:

Get the Right Cleaning Equipment and products

Depending on the composition and type of your boat, you will need to choose the right and sturdy cleaning brush to do the job without destroying the gel on the boat. The selected brush should have a sturdy, long handle to allow you to access and clean all areas of the boat to remove dirt without straining. The brush must not be rough as it can destroy the finishing of the boat. Therefore, a medium-soft-bristle one is highly recommended. It should be durable and capable of withstanding salty water, cleaning products, and sun exposure. Use soap products that can remove strong sticky dirt, salt, or fish blood. The soap should be environmentally friendly, and if you are not sure about this, you can always consult professionals offering the best boat detailing services in Idaho Falls, ID, to ensure you use the right product.

Clean up the boat

Rinse the whole boat first and start cleaning from the top downwards. Using a sponge soaked in a soapy solution, scrub as you rinse the sections of your boat step by step till you finish. If you’re cleaning an outboard-powered boat, ensure you clean the lower drive unit, motor mounts, and prop part where dirt and corrosive salts normally accumulate. The same soapy solution can be used to scrub the deck. Never use any form of bleach as they are toxic to the environment. Hydrogen peroxide and Borax are the recommended options as they are environmentally friendly. You can also use clear silicone spray to protect them from damage. For the glass and Perspex windows, you can use a water and vinegar solution. It works effectively and has no effect on the environment. When you are done cleaning, use soft drying clothes with high water absorption like Chamois clothes to dry the boat without leaving any spot or scratch.

Clean the boat vinyl

The boat's vinyl should be cleaned using quality vinyl cleaners, then sprayed with furniture polish spray, and lastly, wiped with a clean, soft cloth to protect the vinyl from stain accumulation over time. However, if mildew stains have formed on the vinyl upholstery, use a deck brush with medium-soft bristle and a solution of water and ammonia and rinse with fresh water to remove the stain. Remember using a rough scrubber will cause scratches to your vinyl.

Invest in a shiny metal surface for your boat

You can do this pretty well with the help of one of the best boat detailing services in Idaho Falls, ID, to improve the appearance of your boat. A light film will be applied on the boat brightwork and left for 15 to 30 minutes, then wiped off with a clean, soft cloth to make the metal surfaces bright and looking brand new. A quality wax sealer will also be fixed for protection against contaminants.

 Clean and degrease the engine

You can imagine how dangerous it would be if your boat engine broke down in the middle of the deep waters and there is no one around to help. Engine maintenance should be done regularly to ensure the boat operates efficiently. This can be done perfectly by experienced mechanics. Use quality engine cleaner to get rid of accumulated grime and grease and protect various engine parts from excess moisture to enhance efficiency.

For more information about boat detailing services, reach out to Everlasting, your trusted partner in offering the best boat detailing services in Idaho Falls, ID. Call us at 208-710-6500 or your boat detailing appointment online today.

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