March 11, 2021

Essential Car Care Tips for Summer Season

If you have anxiously been waiting for the summer months to kick in, chances are you already have your car cleaning supplies safely tucked away in storage at arm’s length revved up to go. However, keep in mind that just as the winter brought colder weather, the summer will also likely get hotter. Due to this, it is only ideal that you stick to the best car care tips for summer to ensure you keep your vehicle protected at all times. Here are 6 tricks to consider implementing in your car care routine.  

Invest in Automotive-Specific Cleaning Products

While it may seem like washing your car typically requires your everyday house cleaners, car-specific products are what you need. Regular washcloths often contain harder fabric that will leave your car with scratches, which you need to avoid. As a rule of thumb, top car care tips for summer entail using soft material sponges and wash mitts designed for automobile care. In addition to this, remember to purchase the right car cleaners to avoid damaging your vehicle’s paint. The secret to getting the right cleaners is shopping in automotive dealer shops, as they will have a better knowledge of what your car needs rather than supermarkets.

First Test Your Interior Cleaners on Small Areas

Next on our list of tips and tricks to take care of your car in summers is testing your cleaners.

Before tackling delicate fabric such as leather, first test your cleaners on small areas of your car seats. Using a soft cloth, apply a small amount of your cleaner to a specific area and wait for a few minutes to check for any changes. If your fabric retains its original color, then it is safe to clean the entirety of your car. If, however, your cleaner strips the color from your seats, consider switching to a product formulated for your car’s fabric specifications.

Remember To Apply Protectants

Protectants are often a forgotten part of car care, yet they are among the most fundamental parts of maintenance that will come in handy for those warmer months. After your car has dried, use a clean cloth to apply some rubber or vinyl protectant to the exterior areas with rubber, vinyl, and plastic. These areas will include rear-view mirrors, trim, and window and door moldings. Ensure that these parts are well covered in the protectant and wait until it is absorbed. After it is dry, wipe the parts with a clean cloth, and after this, you are good to go.

Wax Your Exteriors

Waxing is another of our care tips for summer that will keep your car's paint in top condition and protected against UV rays, salt, and weather elements. To ensure you get the best out of your waxing, make it a point first to dampen your applicator if using liquid or paste wax. Next, apply your wax in a straight line, ensuring you stay away from any rubber and plastic surfaces. Do this all over the exterior of your vehicle, after which you should wait for the wax to dry. You are likely to notice some haze forming during this process, which indicates proceeding to the next step. Wipe away the haze with a cloth, repeating until the entire vehicle is clean.

Replace Your Wipers

Your wipers will generally take a rest when the summer kicks in, but it is still worth maintaining an overall polished exterior. This will especially come in handy after they experience damages during the harsh winters and spring showers. Check that all your wipers are in good working condition and replace any that show signs of damage.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Tires

Lastly comes the tires. Ensure that your tire pressure is at the recommended level, as it will play a crucial role in giving your tires better wear while also improving your gas mileage. If they need more air, an air compressor will work but if you have none, visit a service station to help out with this. If you notice too much air in the tires, simply press on the metal pin located inside the valve until you get the desired pressure.

For additional tips and tricks to take care of your car in summers, tighten up any loose nuts on your wheels and replace any missing tire valve caps. A good wash is also essential, so make sure you give your tires a proper scrub with special attention to the hubcaps.

Thanks to these tips and tricks to take care of your car in summers, you can enjoy your drives to any destination and have your car looking its best. For more help on these tips and car detailing and enhancements, consider reaching out to us today.

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