February 14, 2021

How to Choose the Perfect Window Tint for Your Car

Window tint is an effective way to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler on hot sunny days while reducing the need to crank the air conditioning. Using the AC less helps to boost your fuel economy, which helps to offset the cost of installing quality window tint. A vehicle with properly tinted windows feels cool and look even cooler when done properly.

More than one car owner could wonder how to find the best car window tinting near me in order to make vehicles look and feel a whole lot cooler. A tinting service will know exactly what is allowed locally as well as what holds up best given the general local driving conditions throughout the year. A good one also will have experience with virtually all makes and models and can complete the job fairly quickly.

Local laws Determine Tinting Limits

Depending on where you live, local authorities might favor or discourage use of window tint and typically have local ordinances to match. Virtually allplaces ban tinting the wind shield, aside from a small strip near the top. That is to make sure drivers can see clearly at all hours of the day or night. Most locales also limit how much light the tint can block with 65 percent typically being the maximum.

Many communities also out law tinted rear windows or have specific limits on what types of tint are allowed on rear windows. Backing up at night with a very dark tint on the rear window might make it impossible to see pedestrians or other obstacles. So you need to check the local ordinances to know exactly what the laws allow and prevent a stop by a police officer to correct any violations.

Local Climate Affects Tinting Needs

A community in the high desert that gets a lot of heat during the summer time is a good example of a locate that accepts tinted windows as a necessity. A community located in an area where the summer time temperatures do not get particularly hot and that does not experience exceptionally long, hot and sunny days is less likely to accept full window tinting. Some even write citations for violating local laws regarding the areas that you can cover with tint the level of tint used.

Your Daily Driving Routine

How you drive and the time of day or night that you most often do so will affect how much tint you need. If you park in a garage and regularly back in and out, then using a dark tint on the rear side windows might make it a lot harder to see while maneuvering your vehicle.

If you mostly drive during the morning hours or in the evening when the sun mostly is down, then your tinting needs are not as great as if you were driving extensively during the hottest and sunniest part of the day. Car owners who want to find affordable car window tinting near me should consider when and how often they usually drive and operate their vehicles.

Several Commonly Used Tinting Types

Not all window tints are the same, which is why there are five general types or window tint that you can use. The five types are:

  • Carbon tint, which combines many, many layers of dyed sheets to create a single sheet of window tint that often is matte black.
  • Ceramic tint, which has ceramic particles imbedded in the tint layers and reflects a great deal of light and UV rays.
  • Metalized tint, which contains metal particles that are imbedded in the tint layers and help to reflect UV rays.
  • Dyed tint, which has a colored layer of dye that reduces light transmission.
  • Hybrid tint, which combines metal and dye tint elements.

Ceramic-based window tints are the latest and greatest in tinting technology and provide exceptional durability and great UV protection. Older carbon-based window tints continue providing good service but can struggle with UV protection and durability issues. All types have their devoted users.

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

To know how much does it cost to tint car windows, you need to know how much window area you intend to cover and the type of tint you will use. If you intend a full tinting of the side windows and the legally allowed limits on the front and rear windows, you will pay much more than with some basic tinting on smaller side windows. Vehicles with smaller windows cost less to tint due to reduced window area to cover.

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