September 11, 2020

How To Protect Car Paint From Sun

Many of us know that while sunlight has amazing benefits, it can also be detrimental when an object or person spends too much time in direct sunlight. Your car is no exception to that rule. Much like the sun can damage your skin, it can also damage the skin, or paint, on your car. The sun can cause the paint of a car,which makes it look older than it really is. There is good news is that you can learn how to protect car paint from fading. An added bonus is the steps you take may also protect the rubber trim and headlights. 

Wash Your Car

Washing your car decreases the oxidation and heat caused by the rays of the sun. You should make sure that your car is not in direct sunlight while you are washing it. If you can, pull it into a garage or park in the shade. You should first use a spray of water and a dry cloth to wipe off all of the dust on the surface of your car. Then, you should use a soft cleaner intended specifically for cars and a clean cotton cloth to wash the entire car. After you have thoroughly cleaned your car, if there is leftover bird droppings or other residue, you may need to use a stronger cleaner on those areas. You may want to consider a detailing clay bar that will not scratch the paint. After it is clean, completely rinse of any soap residue. If you clean your car on a weekly basis, it reduces the devastating effects of the sun's UV rays. 

Hand Dry Your Car

When your car is exposed to sunlight, it does not take long for the paint to break down.After you wash your car, you should hand dry the entire outside of the car.When you hand dry your car, it ensures that if there are any chemicals or minerals in the water they will not sit on your car. When the rays of the sun combine with those chemicals, it can create even more damage for your paint.You may want to consider hand drying your car after it has rained for the same reason. When you are drying your car, you should use a chamois or cotton rag.

Apply Wax

The UV rays from the sun can break down the paint on your car much more quickly than you realize. After you wash and hand dry your car, you should apply a healthy coating of wax. Not only will it make your car sparkle and shine, but it protects the paint from damaging sun rays. Applying wax to your car is acritical way to protect it from those ultraviolet rays. Wax can also prevent dirt, grime, and other grit from attaching to the finish. It can also prevent the paint from pitting. 

Cover Your Car

The best way to protect car paint from sun rays is to cover it. It would be great if we all had a garage or a carport under which we could park our cars. That is not always the most reasonable way to cover your car. Whenever you can, park your car in the shade. This is a natural way to protect the paint from the sun.If you are not able to park it in the shade, you can purchase a car cover for it. There are many high quality covers available on the market for your car. The covers are portable so you can take it with you wherever you go and cover it whenever it is parked. Not only does this protect your car from the sun, but can also keep it cool. You want to be sure that you do not ever put a cover on your car when it is wet. This can cause mold to grow, or create fungus and bacteria. Make sure your car is completely dry before covering. 

If a full car cover does not appeal to you, you can protect the inside of your car from sun rays by using a windshield protector. This can help keep the inside of your car cool and protect your interior from the rays. You can also consider car seat covers to protect the leather seats from the sun. They will also keep your seats cool so you do not burn your skin during the summer. 

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