August 4, 2020

Simple Tips to Avoid Scratches, Dings & Dents on Your Car

Whether it’s your first or your twentieth vehicle, a car is an investment that you want to protect. We all want to keep our cars looking great both for our own pride of ownership and for potential future resale value on the car. It just makes sense to keep your car in the best condition you are capable of. 

Watch out for adverse weather conditions. Hail is one of the worst types of cosmetic damage that can be done to your. In a matter of seconds, hail can damage the entire body of the car. Hail damage that is more superficial and covering just a small area of the car might be reasonable to fix. However, if the damage covers a lot of the exterior of your car or is particularly severe, you may not get the resale value back with the cost of the repairs. Significant hail damage can dent your car’s entire body, break windows, etc. Park your car in the garage or in covered parking whenever possible. Check the weather for your area, hail storms can happen almost any time of year but are most likely to happen in the spring in Idaho. Wind and other storms can also cause car damage by blowing debris onto your vehicle. If you know you will have to park outdoors during storms, consider investing in a car cover to throw over your vehicle for protection. Canvas covers can be found for around $100 or less, depending on the type of vehicle you have. 

Park carefully. When available, parallel parking can give you the best protection against scratches and dings because you do not have other drivers opening their car doors next to yours. If parallel parking is difficult for you, have a friend stand outside your car to guide you through the process. With a bit of practice, you will be a parallel parking pro. 

Keep it in the garage. Park your car in the garage whenever you can. This protects your car from extreme conditions such as sun and snow. It also protects you from dings by people passing by, stray tree branches or bird poop, and break-ins by thieves. 

Park at the edge. Choose a spot far away from store entrances at the end of the parking lot. You will get extra exercise and you’ll be less likely to have people parking near you, lowering the chance that someone will open their car door into yours. 

Be careful in car washes. Going through an automatic car wash is a gamble. The washing machines can malfunction and damage your car’s finish. Or the car wash brushes can hold rocks and debris that can then scratch your car as it’s being washed. When possible, go to a self-serve car wash here in Idaho, or wash your car in your driveway. 

Watch your kids. Between car seats, hockey sticks, bikes, and other toys, kids can be a hazard to your vehicle’s paint job. Put your kids’ sports equipment into duffle bags to remove their scratch potential, and help them load their stuff into the car so it doesn’t go astray on the way in. 

Keep rocks off your car. Driving on dirt roads or driving through rugged areas both increase the likelihood of a bouncing rock hitting your car and scratching it. Drive slowly on rough roads, and stay at a distance behind the car in front of you. 

Remove snow safely. When cleaning off your car during one of our snowy, icy Idaho winters, be careful of your car’s finish. Your ice scraper can easily scratch your paint, especially if it has a metal blade instead of plastic. This is another reason to clean out the garage so your car will fit into it, if possible. 

If you take all the steps above, your car should be looking top notch for years to come. To take it to another level of sharp, contact us at Everlasting Auto Detailing in Idaho Falls, ID and Boise, ID. Choose from an interior or exterior detail package, or have us detail the interior and exterior of your vehicle for the ultimate experience. If you have some scratches or your paint just doesn’t shine like it used to, we can also offer paint enhancement, correction, and polishing. We even seal the paint to ensure a high quality finish long after we’re finished. With our car detailing services in Idaho, you will drive away with your vehicle looking better than new. 

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