October 22, 2020

Ways to Protect Car Paint During the Winter

The winter months bring snow, slush, salt, and ice to the roads. Each of these elements is bad news for your car's paint. However, there are a number of ways that you can protect your car's paint to maintain the exterior of your vehicle. Here's a look at the top tips on how to protect car paint in winter.


1). Wash your car regularly

One of the best ways to protect car paint during the winter is to make sure that you wash your car on a regular basis. That is because the slush from the road can build up on the bottom panels of your vehicle. That can lead to corrosion of the car's paint. Over time, you can develop rust spots on the vehicle. Aim to wash your car once a week to ensure that the slush build-up stays under control. 


2). Wax your car before the first snowfall

Waxing your car provides a protective seal on the paint. This seal will be able to resist the attachment of everything from road salt to ice on the paint job. There are several different types of waxes available including synthetic and non-synthetic waxes. Any wax will be able to protect car paint during the winter. Here are the different types of car waxes available:

  • Paste
  • Spray
  • Liquid 
  • Rubbing     compounds


3). Park your vehicle inside a building and avoid street parking 

During the winter months, you will want to avoid parking your vehicle on the street. Even if it cost a little more to park in a garage, it will be well worth the investment. When you are parking on the street, other vehicles may toss slush ,snow, and ice onto your vehicle. This can cause lasting damage to the vehicle's exterior paint. 


4). Use a car cover when parking outside

If you have outside parking at your residence, then you will want to invest in a car cover. A car cover will be able to keep snow, slush, and ice off of your vehicle. There are a number of different types of car cover available. It is recommended that you get a fitted car cover that is designed for the shape of your vehicle. These fitted car covers can be easy to apply, remove, and store in your vehicle's trunk. 


5). Patch-up any rust on the body of your vehicle

One of the smartest ways to protect car paint during the winter is to cover up any rust patches on the body. You should have this professionally done to prevent the spread of rust on the vehicle. This will not only protect your vehicle's paint, but it will also make your vehicle look better. Here are the most common places where rust builds up on a vehicle:

  • Frame rails
  • Wheel walls
  • The     exhaust 
  • The suspension
  • Any area on     the vehicle made with steel or metal


6). Use a soft brush or broom for removing snow

When those big snowfalls come, you will want to have a way to quickly remove the snow from the exterior of your vehicle. This will prevent the snow from turning to slush and ice on your vehicle's paint. One of the most effective ways to remove snow from your vehicle is to use a soft brush or a broom. You can keep a soft brush in the trunk of your vehicle to quickly remove the snow build-up while on the road. 


7).Completely clean the exterior of your vehicle after winter

When spring comes, you should completely clean the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure to concentrate on the bottom panels of the vehicle where ice and slush build-up is most prevalent. If you can, invest in a professional vehicle detailing service. An experienced detailer will be able to ensure that all parts of your vehicle's paint are clean and free of any slush, ice, or salt build-up.  


Protect Car Paint During the Winter

You don't have to worry when the winter months come. Be sure to prepare your vehicle's paint ahead of time. Also, remember to completely clean and detail your vehicle when the winter months are over. With the proper care, your vehicle's paint will be protected year-round. 

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