May 21, 2021

What are the benefits of Paint Protection

Next to a new home, a vehicle is the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Keeping your car looking new, maintaining it properly is the key to it holding its value long past the last payment. Whether that is wax, a sealant, ceramic coating, or a combination thereof, paint protection will help your car's body maintain its shiny finish longer. This applies to your new car and brings back the shine of your older car with paint enhancement.

Paint Protection for your New Car

What is the benefit of coating my car? A car never looks better than when it is new, and a ceramic coating will provide a long-lasting armor that will deflect the daily onslaught of UV rays, dirt, dust, Idaho winters, and road debris that lands and splatters on your new vehicle.

None of today’s new vehicles are inexpensive, and you want your car to keep its value long after you’ve paid for it or want to trade, do you not? Paint protection can help you keep your car looking brand new. Long after those around it, do not. Whether you choose a ceramic coating, a sealant, or a combination of both, paint protection for your new car, truck, boat, or RV, is a value.

Paint Enhancement for your Older Vehicle

For vehicles that have been around for a few years, your paint can become dingy and scratched. Paint enhancement protection is a technique that uses a two-step process to cut/polish, or flatten the clear coat on your vehicle. This process smooths out the flaws and brings back its new car luster. Add a ceramic coating, sealant, or both after this process, and your old car will look new for much longer than it would have without any help. A tight seal on the paint of your car helps keep rust at bay.

What is the benefit of coating my car?

The short-term benefit, especially for an older paint, is the wow effect that it looks so good. The long-term benefit of sealing the paint of a new or older car is the protection that it gives your paint. Keeping your car waxed is an effective way to protect its paint, but having a professional wax job can be as costly as a sealant and has to be done more often.

How long does paint protection last?

A properly applied ceramic coating for your car, truck, boat or RV can last for three to five years. When you add sealant, you will increase its longevity, and proper surface cleaning also extends its life. Sealants, by themselves, last about six months, which is longer than a classic wax job, which lasts for three to four months.

Dollar for dollar, a coat of sealant has more value than a wax job for your car and adds more protection. Therefore, the cost of the two methods of keeping your car looking shiny and new is negligible. Sealant added to a ceramic coating is like adding armor to your car and is the best long-term option to keep your vehicle looking new.

It looks good, but it’s not magic.

Even though your car will look exceptional after it has had paint enhancement protection and a ceramic coating and sealer applied, it will still need a wash on occasion. These coatings are not magic, and air pollution, road dirt, pollen, and other contaminants can cling to the surface of your car and need to be removed now and then.

The Benefit of Paint Protection for your Vehicle

The advantages of doing paint protection is clear, and keeping your car, truck, or boat looking new helps you maintain their value. Whether you choose a space-age ceramic coating, a sealant, or waxing, you need to take care of the exterior of your vehicle if you want it to maintain its value.

Having paint enhancement performed, a sealant or coating applied, along with regular washing, will help you in this endeavor. Older cars will look better, and new cars will keep looking their best with paint protection. So, what is the benefit of coating my car? Added long-term value and pride that you have a ride that looks as good or better than those around you do.

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