July 20, 2021

What does premium interior car detailing include

When you go to have your car detailed, it isn't worth it to have anything less than premium-level work done. Car detailing is a level of car maintenance, but instead of focusing on the mechanics, it is a cosmetic service. Knowing what is car interior detailing and what you can expect when the service is over is essential for car detailing. This service requires an attention to detail that is often overlooked by owners as they drive their cars daily, and needs the touch of a professional. Below are several services included in premium car detailing, and why you should keep this maintenance up regularly for your vehicle. 

What is Included?

When you have our group of professionals details the inside of your car, you find it to look brand new again, no matter how old it may be. 

  • Deep Vacuum
  • Door jams wiped down
  • Shampoo and steam cleaning
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaned
  • All vinyl and leather conditioned

These are the most essential services included in your car detailing service. A deep vacuum is where all the detailing starts, to capture any loose dirt that is in the car and could be a problem later during shampooing. Once the deep vacuum is completed, it is time to go in and shampoo/condition the carpet in the floorboards to remove any grime and odors coming from your floorboard. 

The upholstery on your chairs will also endure the same shampooing treatment as a way to protect it from damage and maintain cleanliness throughout your car. Once the seats and floor have been cleaned, our team will move to the vinyl and leather to condition with a specialized mouse cleaner. Asking yourself, what is the importance of car interior detailing can lead you to a number of answers that will keep you from asking that question again in the future.

What Are Advantages Of Car Interior Detailing?

The biggest advantage you get when you opt for car interior detailing is to preserve the life of your car's interior. Knowing what is the importance of car interior detailing is understanding why this needs to be maintained on a regular basis. 

Sun & Heat Damage

The sun and elements are brutal to vehicle interiors, allowing those that have not been maintained to crack and reduce the value of the car. Having seats that are splitting open is also not an enjoyable ride, putting you out of money because a new car is needed. 

Glass & Window Protection

Having mirrors and windows that are crystal clear can be the difference between life and death for some accidents. Having a clean and neat interior can keep your visibility clear while on the highway and reduce distractions within the car. 

Health Protection

Since allergies like to run rampant throughout the area, a clean interior means a safe interior for you and the allergies you may have. With a clean and detailed interior, there are minimal dust, dirt, and contaminants floating in the environment for you to breathe in regularly. Odors can build up in the carpet and upholstery of your car, causing you to cough and generate unwanted headaches. 

Increase Value and Reduce Wears

Allowing dirt to build up in your upholstery over time will cause the fabric to wrinkle, stretch and begin losing its color. This decreases the value of your vehicle and increases wear. Not only is wear bad for the value of your car, but it can impose an uncomfortable atmosphere while you are driving your car and unable to change. 

Schedule Your Interior Car Detailing Today

When you purchase a new vehicle or a used one that has been taken care of immaculately, you want to be sure that the air quality and value of your car holds true over time. Knowing what is the importance of car interior detailing is to value your vehicle and keep it operating to the best of its ability. If your car is looking like it's a little dusty, or it has been a while since your last car detailing, contact our team today at Everlasting for more information or call us at (208) 710-6500. We look forward to detailing your car's interior soon. 

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